Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Time Tub Twins on Indiegogo

Please support our Campaign on INDIEGOGO !

In collaboration with DARA Technologies
We are creating what we believe it will be the next generation of children's books! 
We are raising money through an online campaign at this link:
We are offering exciting Rewards (such as the Book too) 
to Thank you for your great help and support! 

Our book can be read normally, 
but a whole world of magic can be unlocked using 
the accompanying AR (Augmented Reality) App. 
The App in fact, allows children to shape their own adventure, 
interacting with 3D characters that pop out from the pages . 
This book is a unique modern combination of Storytelling & Technology. 

Please support! 
..a big Thank You for your help and for sharing the initiative.