Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Time Tub Twins on Indiegogo

Please support our Campaign on INDIEGOGO !

In collaboration with DARA Technologies
We are creating what we believe it will be the next generation of children's books! 
We are raising money through an online campaign at this link:
We are offering exciting Rewards (such as the Book too) 
to Thank you for your great help and support! 

Our book can be read normally, 
but a whole world of magic can be unlocked using 
the accompanying AR (Augmented Reality) App. 
The App in fact, allows children to shape their own adventure, 
interacting with 3D characters that pop out from the pages . 
This book is a unique modern combination of Storytelling & Technology. 

Please support! 
..a big Thank You for your help and for sharing the initiative.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Book Project in collaboration with Dara Technologies

All the summer I have been working to a new exciting project. 
In collaboration with Dara Technologies , I'm developing a new title for children.
I believe this innovative project will deliver the next generation of children's book.

The book is a unique combination of storytelling and technology.
It enables children to to interact with the story in a way never imagined before.
Thanks to the accompanying mobile app, children become the storytellers of their own adventure.
They can interact with 3D characters that pop out of the page thanks to the AR technology applied.

Stay tuned for more news!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Children's Event with Dara Technologies - 22ND AUG 2015 at Raynes Park Library

On Saturday 22nd of August, 
I will hold a fab Free Children's event in Raynes Park Library (South West London) 
with Dara Technologies 

We are going to present the latest amazing Technology in Children's Books 
and I will entertain your kids with Drawing Workshops, Games and Storytelling!
Please join us!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Party Monsters for Highlights for Children

During the last month, I have been working for Highlights for Children,
This is the result, which will be published in some months on their lovely magazine. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Front Covers for Some Action Games

I have been working for Lisciani Games during the last month
and I have been creating 3 front covers for some Action Games.

Do you like them? :-)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Magic Circle

I'm now working to complete a Card Game called Magic Circle
Designed by KaleidosGames and it will be published by SwanPanasia
of course illustrated by Me :)
Here's a preview, Enjoy it :)

Friday, 22 May 2015

Kaleidos Junior

The game board designed by Spartaco Albertarelli 
illustrated by Myself and Elena Prette
is now published in:

FRANCE by Ystari and Cocktail Games 
ITALY by Oliphante and BRASIL by Grow

It's also available in: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Greek, Korean and Icelandic
Enjoy it :)

Game Backgrounds

Sometime ago, I did a couple of samples for Mediatonic, a game company based in London.
These illustrations were for the backgrounds of the game Heaven Strike Rivals 
There is a realistic color proof and a sketch of a Victorian warehouse .. quite good isn't it?  :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday, 11 May 2015

Character Design

I have been creating some characters designs for a couple of pitches. Enjoy :)

These were for Oxford University Press.

And these for a TV series

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My World Book Day 2015 at the Oxford Gardens Primary School

As you might know, on the 5th March, I went at the Oxford Gardens Primary School in West London for the World Book Day 2015. I had a splendid day and a fantastic experience!

Supported by the precious help of the lovely teachers, I met almost 150 children in the Reception, Year One and Year Two. 
My day started in the early morning, after a brief video introduction about myself, we enjoyed reading my book “The Really Abominable Snowman” and we tried to draw all together characters and cupcakes! 
I ended up in the afternoon signing and dedicating copies of my book for those who wished to take at home a memory of the day.
Children were wonderful, affectionate, curious and absolutely brilliant! Teachers were kind, supportive and caring. Everyone welcomed me warmly and it was a funny and successful day.

I prepared 2 workshops: one simpler for younger pupils and another one a little harder for the most grown up kids. 

  • The first creative activity, taught “How to Draw a Cupcake”. Afterwards, children also tried to create their own cupcakes with crazy ingredients! 
  • The second workshop taught “How to Draw Milo”, My Really Abominable Snowman. After that, I asked to the kids to draw their own “Misunderstood Creature”, trying also to describe the personality of their creation too.

Children were smart, talented and delicious! They did an enchanting job! Have a look! 

These are the some of the exquisite Cupcakes they have drawn.

.. and these are some of the spectacular Milo's Drawings.


.. Finally some "Misunderstood Creatures"
Here you can see a Monster with three eyes, a Giraffe and a Penguin :)

I cannot describe more how funny and positive day had been. 

I want to Thank you very much 
everyone at the Oxford Gardens Primary School for the amazing opportunity, 
all the pupils and the parents who were absolutely brilliant 
and Walker Books for organizing everything so well!

Thank You so much :)